Red alert in the NBA: Could the Golden State Warriors miss the playoffs?

Red alert in the NBA: Could the Golden State Warriors miss the playoffs?

The Golden State Warriors are playing with fire and they don’t know how to control it. The team from San Francisco Bay runs the serious risk of missing the Playoffs, something unnatural for a transatlantic (even if it is in low hours). But really, because with the loss (114-110) to the Minnesota Timberwolves they only have a cushion of one win (36-34, 0.541) over the Houston Rockets (35-34, 0.500) for the last Play-In position. Many problems.

Against Minnesota, doubts returned. Because they were winning and well at halftime (46-54, 24′) and fell with unfortunate actions and decisions. Curry skipped 10 minutes, the Wolves grew and the ‘stick’ came after a triple by Mike Conley and the skill of Anthony Edwards. The fantastic Curry, with 31 points (in 29 min, 45% TC, 5/11 T3), 4 rebounds and 3 assists, was no good.

LeBron James gives Patrick Mahomes rare compliment alongside Stephen Curry

With Curry, +6 on the court. Without him, -11. “Every game matters and we are closer to the wrong end of the standings. But I don’t want us to give up. If it means playing more minutes, I’m fit and ready to play a lot more,” he explained. It was the voice of knowledge. “If losing or winning depended on two minutes more or less from Steph… I totally disagree,” said coach Steve Kerr.

These are major problems. Because it is already the team, along with the San Antonio Spurs, that loses more games when winning by 12 points, 13, beating the 10 of Atlanta Hawks and Miami Heat. And against franchises in the Top 6 of the West, their balance is bleeding: 4 wins and 16 losses. Never beating either Minnesota (0-2) or Denver (0-4).

“We lose games we should win. We lose games that everybody else wins. We’re a team with very little attitude and we have bad habits that cause us to lose,” Draymond Green explained. And he left a phrase that may haunt him. “I don’t give a sh*t about the Rockets,” he buckled.

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