Reese Witherspoon Named Biossance Global Brand Ambassador – Beautifaire

Reese Witherspoon Named Biossance Global Brand Ambassador – Beautifaire

Reese Witherspoon is the newest celebrity to make moves in the sweetness sphere.

Clean beauty brand Biossance has named Witherspoon its latest global brand ambassador in a five-year deal. Although celebrities are coming to the sweetness market in droves, the actor said that her path to Biossance happened organically.

“I’ve been concerned with clean beauty, but I never really understood what it was,” Witherspoon told WWD. “I began hearing more about Biossance, and so I actually had my team reach out, and I used to be impressed by the products. I used to be blown away by how effective they were.”

The best ambassador for Biossance would have the opportunity to share product and manufacturing information to large swaths of consumers, said Catherine Gore, president of Biossance. “The tides are changing in beauty by way of awareness, and what drew us to Reese is that she’s at all times been a champion for empowerment and education,” Gore said. “The Biossance global brand strategy has at all times hinged on education, and Reese provides a platform together with her book club that creates a capability and openness to learn.”

Content production shall be a key piece of Witherspoon’s duties for the brand, and as such, Witherspoon’s first order of business is learning more about product development. “What Catherine says is that Biossance incorporates the nerdy parts of science, however the charming side of skincare,” Witherspoon said. “There’s a solution to discuss with consumers and get them to be more thoughtful about what type of products they buy, and what they’re investing in as an organization.”

Witherspoon said a brand ambassadorship made essentially the most sense for her, versus founding a brand or signing an equity deal, given her background in entertainment. “I do know what I’m really good at. I’m really good at making movies and tv shows. In some ways, this partnership is about expanding my very own knowledge,” she said. “I are inclined to defer to experts on things, and Biossance is developed by lots of female scientists, with an actual deal with women.”

Hello Sunshine, Witherspoon’s media brand, may even be partnering with Biossance for content creation opportunities which can range across different media. “Biossance isn’t a legacy, long-term brand so that they’re very open to latest ideas. The way in which consumers are finding information has totally modified. I actually enjoy making educational yet entertaining content, which shall be a chunk of it obviously,” Witherspoon said.

Witherspoon has kept herself busy through the pandemic, starting with the second season of “The Morning Show” on Apple TV. “We’ve got so many latest shows coming out, one with Octavia Spencer, and one with Zoe Saldana. We’re going to make a movie version of [the novel] ‘Where the Crawdads Sing,’ and that starts next week,” Witherspoon said.

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