Russell Westbrook has a state tax lien of more than $11 thousand in California

Russell Westbrook has a state tax lien of more than $11 thousand in California

Russell Westbrook is one of the most exciting players in the NBA, he has a long career, and he has also been regaining the high level on his game that has been a characteristic for him throughout his tenure as a professional player.

Now with the Los Angeles Clippers, he has showed that he still has it, being a very important player after struggling with the Los Angeles Lakers before his arrival with the other LA organization. But now, he has been immersed in an issue that has been looming around him for some time and it is time to try and crawl out of it.

Westbrook has a state tax lien of more than $11,000 in California, and it is not a recent situation. According to online records the basketball player, was handed an $11,834 lien by the state on October 19, 2022.

The 35-year-old player joined the Clippers in 2023 after two seasons with the Lakers. However, he reportedly took a massive pay cut to stay in LA with the Clippers, going from an annual salary of $47 million to just $4 million, according to multiple reports. This qualified as the biggest pay cut in NBA history, per HoopsHype.

He feels at home in Los Angeles

Russell Westbrook has said that he is going nowhere. Many reports indicated that he could go to other teams, but the veteran has shown that he is very important for him to remain in Southern California.

“I for one enjoyed my year, and worked hard to bring the energy, and provide a spark for our team with each opportunity I was given,” Westbrook said. “I felt that I was and remain more than willing to take on new roles, and make certain sacrifices in hope that it would make our team better.”

He went on to say that he enjoyed his time with his Clippers teammates, and he wants to prepare for next year in Los Angeles. “I hoped for a different outcome, but I also enjoyed being in the trenches with my teammates this year, who have all been supportive of me throughout the season. I hope to come back better, stronger, and remain eager to take on any role that continues to put us in the best position to win next season!”

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