Tezos (XTZ) Gaming Community Sees New Game Launches and Partnerships in May 2024

Tezos (XTZ) Gaming Community Sees New Game Launches and Partnerships in May 2024

Tezos (XTZ) Gaming Community Sees New Game Launches and Partnerships in May 2024

The Tezos (XTZ) gaming community has had an eventful May with new game launches, strategic partnerships, and community-driven events, according to Tezos Spotlight.

MetaPals NFT Mint Event

One of the major highlights includes an NFT mint event by MetaPals. The platform, known for its AI digital companions, launched a collection of 20,000 Teletubbies NFTs on the Tezos blockchain. This marks MetaPals’ first venture into the Tezos ecosystem, featuring the beloved characters from the children’s series Teletubbies.

GameFi Hub Integration

GameFi, a prominent platform for game finance, has integrated its suite of services with the Tezos blockchain. This includes the GameFi Hub, Launchpad, Marketplace, Guild Hub, and Metaverse. This integration will enable Tezos-based projects to leverage GameFi for various initiatives like IDO or TGE Web3 games, thereby enhancing network integration and ecosystem collaboration.

OpenPad and Etherlink Collaboration

OpenPad, in collaboration with Etherlink, has also joined the Tezos ecosystem. This partnership aims to launch several game tokens over the coming months, starting with Battlerise, followed by Star Symphony and Sugar Gaming.

Doujin Market 2024

Singapore’s largest pop-culture art convention, Doujin Market, featured five games built on Tezos: MetaPals, StarSymphony, BattleTabs, Cricket Stars, and BattleRise. The event attracted over 13,000 attendees and provided an opportunity for visitors to join whitelists for these exciting games.

Starbase and TZ APAC Partnership

Starbase, a Web3 startup accelerator, has partnered with TZ APAC to advance Web3 gaming on Tezos. This collaboration aims to discover and launch high-quality GameFi and AI projects, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region.

Tezos Gaming Megaspace Launch

May also saw the launch of the first Tezos Gaming Megaspace on Twitter, hosted by Tezos community members ProAboveMe and Jeremy Foo, Trilitech’s global head of gaming. Special guests included representatives from Sugarverse, MetaPals, and BattleRise Kingdom. The session provided insights into the current and future landscape of Tezos gaming.

Insights from the Ecosystem

Jeremy Foo discussed the resurgence of blockchain gaming’s reputation on Blockcast, providing tips on notable games to explore. The discussion can be accessed on Spotify.


Whether you’re a developer, gamer, or blockchain enthusiast, the Tezos Gaming Monthly offers a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in the Tezos gaming ecosystem.

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