The Angel Reese vs Caitlin Clark rivalry: Just another Kardashians episode?

The Angel Reese vs Caitlin Clark rivalry: Just another Kardashians episode?

Now that both Angel Reese and Caitlin Clark made their WNBA debut and have been playing multiple games, the rivalry with Angel Reese is one of the most talked about topics in the league. The Chicago Sky rookie went on record to sell herself as another great aspect of the WNBA, not just Caitlin Clark. With that statement, you can feel the rivalry perpetuating and how Reese expressed feeling like Clark wwas steeling her thunder. This is exactly what great rivalries are made of and sports anchor Rachel Nichols wanted to shed some light into this rivalry. However, she doesn’t like the extra drama that usualy comes with this particular rivalry from other anchors and analysts.

Angel Reese and Kamila Cardoso dazzle with their looks before the game

The Angel Reese vs Caitlin Clark rivalry’s potential

During an Undisputed episode, posrts anchor and NBA specialist Rachel Nichols explained why she agrees with Angel Reese’s comments that Caitlin Clark is not the only great rookie in the WNBA. Nichols goes on to compare this new rivalry with the one between Magic Johnson and Larry Bird back in the early ’80s. The posrts anchor believes this rivalry has a potential to become just as great but she has a problem with the drama. Saying: “Angel Reese is right about her role in the W’s popularity surge & how Caitlin Clark can absolutely be the BIGGEST reason without being the ONLY reason. Now if some folks could just stop making every Angel/Caitlin interaction into an episode of The Kardashians, we’d be in business.”

Another great point Nichols made was the fact that when Michael Jordan first came to the NBA as a rookie, his peers were really hard on him and nobody complained. Caitlin Clark needs to learn the ropes at the WNBA and that includes getting fouled constantly by her rivals. Any potential star will get the same treatment when they first arrive. Regardless of their gender or age, they need to get tougher in order to reach their true potential. But we are fortunate because we have not one or two great rookies, we have three with Cameron Brink also in the mix.

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