The Top Cycle-syncing Products to Balance Hormones – Beautifaire

The Top Cycle-syncing Products to Balance Hormones – Beautifaire

An app that tells you the most effective workout for that specific day. A pack of curated supplements for every phase. A tincture that preps you in your period. A customized nutrition plan.

Welcome to cycle syncing.

As more women take care of the physical and emotional effects of hormonal imbalances attributable to stress, endocrine disruptors, fast-paced lifestyles and menstrual cycles, an increasing variety of brands are creating fitness programs, nutrition plans, skincare products and supplements that address each phase of 1’s cycle. 

There are 4 phases of a menstruator’s cycle, including menstrual, when bleeding and PMS symptoms occur; follicular, when ovarian follicles form; ovulatory, when an egg is released, and luteal, when the egg reaches the uterus. Each phase elicits different needs, comparable to increased iron during menstruation or a debloating complement in the course of the luteal phase. In line with the Cleveland Clinic, a cycle lasts between 24 and 38 days. 

“Eighty percent of girls can have a hormonal issue sooner or later in her life,” said Alisa Vitti, the founding father of hormone health platform Flo Living, who introduced the cycle syncing method in her book “Woman Code” published in 2013. Today, Flo Living consists of an app where users can track their cycle, a free hormone assessment, a lineup of supplements to balance hormones and guides on what to eat, the most effective workout to do and more.

While Vitti kick-started the movement a decade ago, it’s only within the last yr or in order that it has entered the mainstream, driven by awareness and the increased availability of cycle-tracking apps and devices and at-home tests that make it easier for ladies to measure their hormone levels.

The result: Many brands and influencers are implementing cycle syncing. Take fitness influencer, founding father of The Sculpt Society and celeb trainer Megan Roup. Roup, who trains celebs like Sofia Richie and Dakota Johnson, offers “slow and controlled classes” on The Sculpt Society platform for the menstrual phase when individuals are drained and experiencing pain. There’s also advanced classes for the follicular phase when motivation strikes and energy levels are up, barely shorter classes during ovulatory to take care of energy, and sculpt-like classes for luteal when fatigue creeps back in. 

For Roup, cycle syncing plays right into a larger movement around being attuned to at least one’s self. “It goes back to listening to your body, like intuitive eating and intuitive movement,” she said. “In the event you’re feeling lethargic or drained, listening to that after which making a category decision based on what it’s that you simply need today is essential.” 

Nutrition corporations like Chiyo have also taken note, creating meal programs that could possibly be useful for those attempting to balance their hormones. For instance, iron-heavy foods may be helpful in the course of the menstrual phase when losing blood, and greens are beneficial in the course of the follicular phase to balance estrogen because it increases.

Fitness and nutrition are especially necessary in cycle syncing, as weight management is a difficulty many females face, and hormone levels and where a lady is in her cycle makes a difference when it comes to how much she should eat and move. 

“It’s the other story of what gender-biased research has left us with as a cultural narrative, which is, ‘Women’s bodies, we’re not studying them, so let’s just assume they’re barely smaller versions of men who’ve more complicated hormones and sluggish metabolisms so that they should eat fewer calories and work out harder,” said Vitti. “That’s what’s been driving the food plan and fitness industry for the past 40 years, and it’s making women fat, sick and drained, and driving rates of PMS, infertility and early perimenopause.” 

Armed with more knowledge, brands are making a case for extra products, most notably supplements. Elix, a brand rooted in Chinese medicine, is aiming to create a slew of tinctures that support each phase of the cycle. “If we’ve a healthy cycle, that’s once we’re beginning to feel more energized and more excited to be out on this planet,” said founder Lulu Ge. “But when we’ve a hormonal imbalance, that’s once we’re coming out of our period, we’re still feeling exhausted. That’s where the products are available.” 

Elix’s Cycle Balance, $48, is a customized tincture formula of herbs based on a customer’s health assessment to organize them for a healthy menstrual cycle by supporting hormones and lowering inflammation. Similarly, Perelel, an ob-gyn-founded women’s health vitamin line, has its Cycle Support Pack, $41, which incorporates various capsules for every day of the cycle, housed in packaging that acts as an academic tool.

“You’ll finish this pack understanding the 4 phases of your cycle,” said Perelel cofounder Alex Taylor. “You’ll understand what you’re typically experiencing through each phase and what it is advisable to do to support yourself.”

Each pack features a QR code that users can scan to search out suggestions around fitness, nutrition and mental health. With all of those elements at play, Taylor said they’ve seen “tremendous adherence,” as consumers are sticking with the protocol.

Other brands agree that it’s the tutorial content and supplemental material that’s driving the stickiness of cycle syncing as an idea. For instance, Rael is doubling down on cycle-syncing education across its entire product assortment of period care, skincare (including face masks for every cycle phase) and supplements to balance hormones and ease PMS symptoms. On the location, customers can shop by phase and reference the brand’s educational graphics for guidance. Social media campaigns and influencers have also driven virality.

Rael cycle-syncing guide.


“There was plenty of progress within the last couple of years,” said Rael founder Yanghee Paik, when it comes to consumer understanding and adoption. “This sort of education will proceed after which in the following five years, people will likely be quite well educated on the several phases and different symptoms. People will likely be smart about changing their lifestyle.”

Elsewhere, Hum Nutrition has Hormone Balance, $26, and SOS PMS Gummies, $26, that are each meant to alleviate cycle-related symptoms; Love Wellness has #Mood Pills, $25, meant to support mood and reduce cramps and fatigue, and JSHealth has Hormone + PMS Support, $37, to advertise cycle regularity. 

Latest brands proceed to pop up, too, like Cycl by Ido Leffler’s (of Yes to Inc.) daughter Zoe Leffler, which has a PMS Symptom Relief gummy, $25, that claims to support women through their cycle by easing symptoms and boosting mood. 

Similarly, wearable device brands are approaching the conversation by offering cycle support, as well: Oura and Apple Watch may be integrated with cycle-tracking apps like Natural Cycles, so a user can follow their phases and adjust habits accordingly. 

While cycle syncing is gaining traction, experts say it’s still early and to expect the category to evolve as recent brands and research come out. 

“Cycle syncing could possibly be huge.…Unfortunately, there’s not plenty of research on the market,” said Rachel Hirsch, founding father of Wellness Growth Ventures, a seed fund focused on women-founded wellness corporations, who predicts that advanced clinical trials and continued product innovation will likely be essential to scale the category.

Vitti added: “Due to the lack of funding in research, the conversation from the top-down goes to take longer, however the conversation that’s happening within the grassroots, this has grow to be a worldwide movement.”


Elix Cycle Balance, $48

Elix’s Cycle Balance is an herb-infused, custom tincture based on a customer’s health assessment that’s taken leading as much as menstruation to balance hormones and ease symptoms. 

Perelel Cycle Support Pack, $41

This 28-day pack features three supplements taken in numerous amounts at different times to support the needs of 1’s cycle. 

Cycl PMS Symptom Relief, $25

Cycl gummy.Cycl gummy.

Cycl PMS Symptom Relief


PMS Symptom Relief from Cycl is a strawberry-flavored gummy infused with ingredients like lemon balm to spice up mood and vitamin B6 to appease cramps. 

Rael Ultimate Complement Bundle, $65

Rael’s complement line includes products that support hormone balancing over the course of the cycle, in addition to ones that address acute symptoms that occur during menstruation.

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