This Curious Black Garlic Doesn’t Give You Garlic Breath And Is Healthy Too

This Curious Black Garlic Doesn’t Give You Garlic Breath And Is Healthy Too

Do you like garlic? Of course you do, and now you can enjoy everyone’s favorite ingredient without having to worry about garlic breath as a University of Queensland collaboration is trying to make black garlic happen.

Black garlic was first developed in regions of Eastern Asia, and it’s created by aging garlic in controlled humidity.

“Black garlic is raw, white garlic bulbs that’ve been slowly roasted at a low temperature and high humidity for weeks,” explained Professor Susanne Schmidt who is collaborating with Empathy Herbal through UQ’s Agri-Food Innovation Alliance Kickstarter Grant program, in a statement.

“This process causes what’s called a Maillard reaction, where the taste profile is transformed from that typical garlic flavor to something sweeter and more snackable – while preserving positive health benefits.”

black garlic that's been cut in half to reveal the black color

Black garlic can be eaten as it comes, or infused in an oil.

Image credit: ©Empathy Herbal

Not only does it come with the perk of not giving you garlic breath, but it also carries health benefits thanks to the way it’s prepared and eaten (and we love a curiously colored “superfood” – remember the purple tomatoes?).

“White garlic isn’t particularly suitable for eating raw, which is critical from a health perspective, as its health benefits quickly diminish when crushed and heated,” continued Schmidt.

“Previous studies suggest that black garlic can have numerous health benefits – it improves gut microbiome and immune system function, has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, and assists managing cholesterol, vascular health, blood sugar and even weight.”

It’s hoped that black garlic can reduce food waste as the tonnes of garlic that are rejected annually can be transformed into this black superfood, creating a healthy food that’s also good for the planet.

As well as looking really cool, black garlic comes with its own texture and unique taste, compared to gummy candy by IFLScience’s managing editor Katy Evans. And as for the taste? “Peeled black garlic cloves are soft, sweet, sticky, and utterly delicious – it’s basically a healthy lolly, when crafted correctly.” said Director of Empathy Herbal, Jim Hancock in a statement.

A healthy lolly? We’ll have some of that.

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