Tom Brady backs down and apologizes to Gisele Bundchen after controversial divorce jokes

Tom Brady backs down and apologizes to Gisele Bundchen after controversial divorce jokes

The Roast of Tom Brady‘ generated plenty of laughs, though it appears Gisele Bundchen wasn’t one of those people keen on the jokes.

The former quarterback took plenty of jabs from former teammates and comedians during the Netflix special, whether it be about his reported plastic surgery, his losses in cryptocurrency or his divorce from Bundchen.

Tom Brady cuts Kim Kardashian deep with joke about Kanye West and her kids

While the jokes played out to laughs for those in attendance and those watching from home, the model was less than thrilled with what she heard, with a source telling People she was “deeply disappointed by the disrespectful portrayal of her family on Sunday evening’s roast show.”

Brady reaches out

With word that Gisele was less than thrilled with the content, Us Weekly reports that Brady got in touch with his ex-wife in an attempt to smooth things over following the broadcast.

A source told the outlet that part of the reason over Bundchen’s anger was that she and Brady had a “no disparaging remarks” rule for the roast. However, she was surprised to be the subject of several jokes, some of which involved her relationship with jiu-jitsu instructor Joaquim Valente.

“She thinks her new relationship should have been off-limits. Tom did reach out to Gisele to apologize to her,” the source says. “They are cordial and only communicate about the kids.”

Jokes about Gisele started early

It became clear early in the show that Gisele would be a topic of jokes, with host Kevin Hart making a crack.

“Single life is what you deserve, because you got no choice,” Hart told Brady.

Gisele gave him an ultimatum, Gisele said ‘You retire or we’re done.’ Well, let me tell you something, when you have a chance to go 8-9 and all it will cost you is your wife and kids, you gotta do what the f— you got to do.”

He also made a quip about Gisele and Valente.

“One of the smartest quarterbacks to ever play this game, how did you not see this coming? Eight karate classes a day and she’s still a white belt,” Hart said. 

Former New England Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe also joined in on the jokes.

“You have more rings than I do, but I’ve experienced a couple of things that you’ll never experience: the feeling of being the No. 1 overall draft pick in the NFL, and a 28th wedding anniversary,” Bledsoe said.

One of the roasters, Nikki Glaser, later stated that the only topics that were off-limits were jokes about Brady’s kids and Robert Kraft.

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