Whoopi Goldberg gets back in the habit by reuniting the Sister Act 2 cast for a performance of ‘Oh Happy Day’ and ‘Joyful, Joyful’

Whoopi Goldberg gets back in the habit by reuniting the Sister Act 2 cast for a performance of ‘Oh Happy Day’ and ‘Joyful, Joyful’

Whoopi Goldberg reprises her role as Sister Mary Clarence alongside cast members for a musical Sister Act 2 reunion.

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No, Whoopi Goldberg hasn’t left The View to pursue life as a nun. It’s the 30th anniversary of Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit, and Goldberg shared something special with The View audience members by reuniting adult and kid cast members of the musical sequel’s ensemble for a spirited performance. For the musical number, Goldberg dressed in full nun attire, reprising her iconic role as Sister Mary Clarence from the delightful crime comedy franchise. With primary members of the original cast, including Kathy Najimy and Ryan Toby, with The War and Treaty singer Tanya Trotter taking the part of Lauryn Hill, the choir performed ‘Oh Happy Day’ and ‘Joyful, Joyful’ from the beloved film. The performance brought Goldberg to tears as the choir concluded their version of ‘Joyful, Joyful.’

Reuniting alongside Toby and Najimy were cast members Wendy Makkena, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Monica Calhoun, Alex Martin, David Kater, Frank Odell Howard, Dionna Nichelle, Jermaine Montell, Tanya Trotter, DeeDee Magno Hall, Ashley Thompson and Deondray Gossfield.

“Worldwide, it doesn’t matter how old you are, you are the age of those kids when you see the movie,” Goldberg said during the reunion. “You’re the age of them and you remember your time and you remember how happy you were that you didn’t have to go to Catholic school. But then you remember how sorry you are that you didn’t get to go to Catholic school and you missed out on teachers like this. So I think people just feel themselves here.”

While many joined Goldberg for the reunion, some cast members sent video messages to still participate in the fun, including Jennifer Love Hewitt, who was only 13 when she starred in Sister Act 2. Hewitt says working with Goldberg and the cast on Sister Act 2 was “one of the greatest things that ever happened to me,” a glowing compliment that Goldberg no doubt took to heart.

“I was very young, a teenager in fact. I got to work with the queen, Whoopi Goldberg. She was the kindest, coolest person to me ever,” Hewitt added. “I got to hear Lauryn Hill sing every day, just right outside the trailer or right in front of my face. All of you are the best and I’m just sending lots and lots of love. I wish that I could be with you. If you guys need me in No. 3, just call me up!”

In October 2022, Whoopi Goldberg said she wants as many people from the first two movies to return for Sister Act 3. “I want everybody,” Goldberg said. “I want as many people who want to have some fun because I really, desperately need to have some fun.”

What did you think of the Sister Act 2 reunion performance? Are you interested in a third chapter of the franchise? Let us know in the comments section below.

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