Dani Alves is released from prison after paying the one-million-euro bail

Dani Alves is released from prison after paying the one-million-euro bail

After almost 14 months in prison, Dani Alves is out of jail after managing to raise the million euros needed for bail, as confirmed by the High Court of Justice of Catalonia at 11:30 am. The Court of Barcelona agreed to his provisional release on Wednesday, March 20, with a private vote against and until this Monday the money had not been consigned. It should be reminded that the footballer had been sentenced to four years and six months in prison for rape.

A complicated bail

FILE: Barcelona court finds Brazilian soccer star Dani Alves guilty of sexual assault

The footballer has finally been able to raise the amount after intense days of negotiations. Initially, all eyes were on the Neymar family, who helped Dani Alves at the beginning of the case and gave him 150,000 euros, which later served to mitigate the penalty. His accounts were frozen and he has had more difficulties than expected.

Anyway, everything pointed to the fact that this Monday he would be released from Brians 2. Last Friday, the Brazilian asked for an extra hour to be able to post bail: from 14:00 to 15:00. In any case, he could not present it then and Alves had to spend the weekend in prison. The efforts of this Saturday and Sunday by his entourage have been fruitful.

The precautionary measures of his provisional freedom

Dani Alves, in addition to posting bail of one million euros, has handed over his two passports, Brazilian and Spanish, through his defense, led by lawyer Ines Guardiola. The footballer will not be allowed to leave the national territory. In addition, he is forbidden to approach the victim, affected by the recent events according to the private prosecution, and the places she frequents. He will not be able to contact her and will have to appear weekly in court.

Alves’ flight risk

The ex-player has been asking the courts for months for provisional release, but had always been rejected on the grounds of a high risk of flight due to the high purchasing power of the accused. Taking into account that Brazil does not have an extradition treaty with Spain, the courts have decided on numerous occasions to keep him in prison.

However, things changed last Wednesday, when the Court of Barcelona did agree to his provisional release on bail of one million euros. A high figure that surprised Dani Alves but that, working against the clock, he managed to collect. In any case, it has not been an easy scenario since in the last few hours supporters with whom he counted on to help in the payment, such as the Neymar family, have publicly disassociated themselves.

The sentence is not yet final

Thanks to this, Dani Alves leaves Brians 2 prison today awaiting the final sentence after the appeals presented by the Prosecutor’s Office, by the private prosecution and by the defense. While the Prosecutor’s Office and the private prosecution request that the sentence be increased, rejecting the mitigating circumstance of reparation of the damage, the defense points out just the opposite, that the mitigating circumstance be considered as very qualified, which would reduce even more the sentence imposed.

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