Former RB Leipzig star facing divorce from wife after allegedly ‘ghosting’ family after NY move

Former RB Leipzig star facing divorce from wife after allegedly ‘ghosting’ family after NY move

In a shocking revelation on social media, Shanga Forsberg, wife of New York Red Bulls‘ prominent midfielder Emil Forsberg, has announced their impending split. The announcement came through an extensive Instagram post where Shanga accused the footballer of neglecting his familial duties and effectively ‘ghosting’ them since his move to the United States.

Emil Forsberg, a recent acquisition from RB Leipzig, quickly ascended to the role of captaincy within the Red Bulls‘ ranks, aiding the team to a commendable 3-1-1 start this season. However, Shanga’s statement suggests a stark contrast between his professional success and personal responsibilities. She highlighted a lack of communication from Forsberg since his relocation to the US, leaving her and their two children in Sweden feeling isolated and unsupported.

Expressing her sentiments, Shanga emphasized the difficulty of reaching the decision to part ways after nearly two decades together. Despite her enduring love and support for Forsberg, she lamented feeling taken for granted and overlooked, citing his newfound life in New York as a catalyst for their marital discord.

The couple, who had been together for 19 years and married in 2016, now finds themselves at a crossroads as legal proceedings for divorce loom. While Forsberg has yet to publicly address the situation, he remains focused on his professional obligations, currently participating in international duties with the Swedish national team.

The Red Bulls and the Swedish FA are not commenting on the situation

The Red Bulls organization has refrained from commenting on the matter, while the Swedish Football Association has opted for silence in response to inquiries from media outlets. Forsberg’s contributions on the field, including a goal and an assist in the current season, contrast sharply with the unfolding turmoil in his personal life.

As the situation unfolds, questions linger about the impact on Forsberg’s performance and the future trajectory of his career both on and off the pitch. For now, the footballer remains enmeshed in a complex web of personal and professional obligations, the resolution of which remains uncertain.

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